Give my people plenty of beer, good beer, and cheap beer,
and you will have no revolution among them
November Dates
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Sun 17th 2.00pm 4.30pm  5:15s - Mod Covers At Their Best  FACEBOOK
Fri 22nd 6.00pm 11.30pm Friday Street - Classic Rock Covers  FACEBOOK
Sat 23rd 6.00pm 8.30pm  Van Der Neer + Boss Caine Like Marlow in The Heart Of Darkness, this intrepid York-based quartet are savaging their way through the digital wasteland, assailing jungles of memes and chattering sound bites, to bring you, good traveller, salvation for your soul. They search out the uninitiated, deliver the ex-communicated and bathe all and sundry in the mighty soul-soaked rock of their ministry. FACEBOOK
Sun 24th 2.00pm 4.30pm  The Mothers Outstanding Classic Rock Covers - FACEBOOK
Wed 27th 6.00pm 8.30pm  Steve Cassidy - Rock & Ballads from 60s to present day FACEBOOK
Thu 28th 6.00pm 8.30pm Baden Entertainment Presents - The Parasitic Twins, Krystallized, Memorium & More  FACEBOOK
Fri 29th 6.00pm 8.30pm Emerging York Talent - Cowgirl / Soma Crew / Modern Apartments FACEBOOK
Sat 30th 6.00pm 8.30pm Sweat Box - The SweatBox was a roaming venue Dance Music Club which was initially started at The Windmill, Blossom Street in York in the early 80's. The SweatBox was a progression of The Windmill. Take a look at FaceBook group Windmill Alumni.
Sun Dec 1st 2.00pm 4.30pm Melody Makers - York based 4 piece band recreating the great sounds of the 60s. FACEBOOK


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