Give my people plenty of beer, good beer, and cheap beer,
and you will have no revolution among them
  Date   Day   Time   Bands/Artist Style Website/Youtube
  1st   Sun   4pm   The Mothers Rock/Funky Covers Artist Website
  2nd   Mon   4pm   Sledge Against The Machine +
Rob (Mothers) Acoustic Set
Covers Artist Website
  3rd   Tue   7pm   Looney Night   Artist Website
  4th   Wed   7pm        
  5th   Thur   7pm   Riply, EP launch Party   Artist Website
  6th   Fri   7pm   Honary Local Band Artist Website
  7th   Sat   7pm   Memorium Local RockBand Artist Website
  8th   Sun   4pm   Glam Rocks 70's Glam Covers Artist Website
  9th   Mon   7pm        
  10th   Tue   7pm        
  11th   Wed   7pm        
  12th   Thur   7pm   Bounty Hunters Country Artist Website
  13th   Fri   7pm   9 Below Blues /Rock Artist Website
  14th   Sat   7pm   Kick Back Rock Covers Band Artist Website
  15th   Sun   4pm   Melody Makers Great 60's Covers Band Artist Website
  16th   Mon   7pm        
  17th   Tue   7pm        
  18th   Wed   7pm        
  19th   Thur   7pm   Steve Cassidy Country/Rock Artist Website
  20th   Fri   7pm   Melting Pot Indie Covers Artist Website
  21st   Sat   1pm   1pm RECORD FAIR & 8pm
Record fair daytime.
Band on the night
Artist Website
  22nd   Sun   4pm   Sledge Against The Machine Covers Band Artist Website
  23rd   Mon   7pm        
  24th   Tue   7pm        
  25th   Wed   7pm        
  26th   Thur   7pm   UK SUBS .... Tickets Click Here LEGENDARY PUNK BAND
  27th   Fri   7pm   Pig Iron Rock Covers Artist Website
  28th   Sat   7pm   Chu Ma Shu   Artist Website
  29th   Sun   4pm   Mothers Rock/Funky Covers Artist Website
  30th   Mon   7pm        


Monday - Closed
Tues/Weds/Thurs 5.30 - 11pm
Friday - 5.30 - 11.30pm
Saturday - 4pm - 11.30pm
Sunday -2pm - 10.30pm